Rain or shine

When you see rain in the forecast for your couples, what is the first thing you tell them?

“Don’t stress!” — I know, easier said than done. But it’s so important to ensure the photos and your day continues to go smoothly and beautifully! We can’t control the weather so we have to embrace it!! I also remind them it’s vital to be flexible and to welcome what the weather brings. And of course, that no matter what I promise to deliver them amazing images! The rain can’t stop that!

Be Practical About Hair And Makeup

Rain may not be beauty’s best friend (no one likes runny mascara), but you can still look flawless on your wedding. Your glam squad will be able to waterproof your makeup and give you a trendy messy bun or flower crown that won’t fall apart from water and wind. Guys should also opt for hairstyles that are as frizz-resistant as possible.

Bad hair day practice makes perfect

Many brides do a practice run of their makeup and hair ahead of time, but to be sure you’re getting the most out of it, test out styles when you’re in store for a bad hair day. If you have thin, straight hair, dry and windy days may be the worst for you, while curly haired brides dread a drizzle. In any case, practicing when your hair is at its most unruly will reveal any issues and allow you to plan ahead—or change your hairstyle plan entirely.

You may need to do three or four test runs to get it right, but knowing your look is bulletproof is a fun way to help lessen stress on your wedding day!

Keeping things humidity resistant

Our brides here at Maravilla Gardens don’t often have to battle wind or humidity, but it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve! If your hair goes crazy when there’s moisture in the air, you have to plan ahead for humid weather. Not only will you want to invest in the right serum to keep things under control, you’ll also want to pick a frizz-combatting hairstyle.

First, ask your regular stylist for their product recommendations for your hair type—they’ve seen your hair on various days and are likely to know what products will help you the most. When it comes to style, there are some hairdos to try (and a few to avoid). Hairstyles to try:

  • Braided styles tend to keep shorter hairs that are prone to frizzy flyaways under control.

  • A top knots or a bun is a great way to tame frizzy hair—and will allow you to go crazy with the hairspray if needed.

...and to avoid:

  • Soft, loose curls or hairstyles usually don’t stand up well to humidity—your carefully crafted look could quickly turn either poofy or limp.

  • Super sleek may look chic, but things can devolve in a hurry when humidity increases. Avoid unless you can get all your tresses tightly tucked into a bun.

Here are some casual yet humidity-proof hairdos to use for summer weddings and a few go-to stylesfor rainy and windy weather. Bonus tip: location makes a difference! If you want to totally humidity-proof yourself, book your wedding somewhere warm and dry (hint: Southern California is a great choice!).

When in doubt, use a bobby pin & hairspray Many women agree that bobby pins are a must-have when it comes to taming hair—just pin it in place, add a little bit of hairspray, and voilà! You’re in control. If you’re a novice to bobby pins, you might need some help navigating the best ways to place them. Here is a great guide to bobby pins so you can keep them hidden and in place like the pros. Add a few happy accents Hair accessories, such as a bridal hairpin or stylish hair comb, can serve many purposes:

  • Hold your hair in place

  • Add an elegant touch to your ‘do

  • Hide or distract from any weather-related fly-aways or frizziness

There are a large variety of styles and materials to choose from, so you can add the perfect accent to your carefully chosen ensemble. Not sure where to start? Get some inspiration from these gorgeous wedding hairstyle accessories.

A little wind doesn’t stand a chance against the right updo

Unless you’re set on having your hair down, the best way to make sure you’re ready for rain or shine is an up-do. You can add as much hairspray, bobby pins, accent pieces, and even extensions to your style to make sure nothing is out of place.

Bonus: the world of updos is an exciting place with endless possibilities. Check out some of our favorite wedding updo styles.

Short hair, don’t care

Long tresses aren’t a requirement for beautiful wedding hair that can stand up to bad weather. If you have shorter hair, many of the above tips will also work for you. For a little extra protection, consider wearing a veil, upping the hairspray, and adding an accent piece to your style. Here is a useful list of tips and tricks for styling short locks for your big day.

Final tip: have fun & don’t stress!

Unless you plan on sitting still the entire evening, chances are your hair won’t look exactly as it did at the start of the day. That being said, we love seeing brides looking a little windswept after having fun on the dance floor! It’s your day and you should enjoy it—even if you get a few flyaways in the process.

Do you know of any shortcuts to weatherproofing your hair? Let us know in the comment section!