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Sanitation Protocol


As a Licensed hair and makeup Artists, Cleanliness and sanitation have always been important and most of these practices we have already been implementing our entire careers. Following California Stateboard the guidelines an upholding a high standard of hygiene has always been part of the job! In the midst of COVID-19, we are staying up to date on the most recent information regarding sanitation practices at our Studio and On Location. We want to go above and beyond what’s asked of us so that each client feels safe and can just focus on the FUN stuff - getting glammed!

We want you to know how we work so that you feel comfortable.

— Hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water and hand sanitizer is used.

— We use EPA registered/hospital grade disinfectants.

— Appropriate PPE is worn based on the most recent city regulations, such as: mask, or face Covering

— Each client’s makeup service includes the use of brushes used only for them.

These brushes are thoroughly cleaned (disifecting soap and water), and sanitized/disinfected (brush sanitizing spray, 70% isopropyl alcohol) after use and stored airtight in enclosed container before next use.

— Palettes are used to ensure there is absolutely no contact between our cream products and the client’s skin or brushes. These palettes are able to be cleaned (soap and water), and disinfected (70% isopropyl alcohol) before/after use. We never ever double dip.

— Pressed powder products are sanitized and sprayed with either C3, Beauty So Clean, 70% isopropyl alcohol, or artist’s chosen hospital grade disinfectant.

— Loose powder is tapped onto a palette or tissue for a no contact application.

— Single use applicators such as mascara wands, sponges, and lip applicators can be used per client and immediately disposed.
— Hair combs, brushes, or anything in contact with client’s hair is sanitized (soap and water, or ShipShape) and disinfected (Barbicide) before and after use.

— Barbicide spray or 70% isopropyl alcohol is used for workspace surfaces or anything else that is possibly touched by clients (makeup chair, handheld mirror, etc.).

— Clients will need to be faced away from the workspace.

We are certificated of Sanitation

Sterilization is the complete destruction of all microbial life and is rarely required or necessary to be used in the professional beauty industry. 
(Some of these practices may be updated or adjusted when additional information about COVID-19 is released.)

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