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Charismatic Team.

Charismatic Team > My Team is a well diverse & very well trained. My team is Licensed and insured under charismatic Bride. We all have a verity of training working with Weddings of all types /TV /Photoshoot. My girls love education and advancing there training yearly. We Enjoy making everyone look and feel their best.

    Assignment of Stylists



I am happy to offer my services exclusively to my brides to ensure the most memorable experience on one of the happiest days of their lives. 

Weddings with six or less services that include hair styling and makeup will be assigned one artist who is both a hairstylist and makeup artist (sometimes referred to as a “dual” artist). To book a team of one hair stylist and one makeup artist, you must book a minimum of five services PER ARTIST.

If you request more than the required stylists, we can accommodate you if we have stylists available for your date. There is a extra charge for each additional stylist requested plus their parking/travel fee.


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